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Sly Old Fox O'Brien

If you are looking for a new betting adventure that asks for very little of your precious time then this is for you! You will be getting some top bets from a professional with many years of experience and some of the hottest contacts around



Times may be tough in the racing world but that doesn't mean you can't continue to enjoy a flutter most days of the week. Horse racing continues in the USA and my experience and knowledge of the sport allows me to find all the best possible bets.


Team Elite

At Team Elite I have advanced on a very powerful way of producing ratings for all horses racing and then transform them into probability. If a bookmaker is sharing greater odds than I've calculated on a specific horse, that's when Team Elite get the money down.


Hot Wagers

To win the betting game and not spoil the outcome of any sporting event you need to bet smart... we do and so should you! You win... we win too! That's exactly how it should be.


Glory Hunter

Betting on the Sport of Kings is without doubt a super cool way to make a serious second income working just minutes each day from your home or office simply following a proven tipster.


Jackpot Jack

If you're looking for some BIG WINS throughout the year and love the idea of jumping for joy when the cash pours in then this is most certainly for you... Jackpot Jack is your man!!!


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FlutterFinders is the best place to be when you want to beat the bookie but you're seeking help from those already doing it!

FlutterFinders is set to host some of the worlds finest sports betting tipsters who provide both free and premium tips and advice on all the sports we love.

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